Pro Lyrical Pens a (Brazenly Honest) Breakup Letter, with a Surprising Twist, in New Single, ‘House of Lies.’

Brix Boston
5 min readAug 29, 2020
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Image captured by Josiah Mendoza and provided courtesy of Pro Lyrical

Dr. Peter Plourde, also known as Professor Lyrical or Pro Lyrical, is not only a Hip Hop artist, creator and lifelong academic — he’s a real Doctor, and a real Professor.

Well known in the Hip Hop Underground as a gifted lyricist and M.C., song-writer, and highly vocal advocate for social change — Pro Lyrical’s rap skills were always considered ahead of his time.

With a giant catalog spanning over a decade and having paid dues in Rap Battle arenas, as well as spending a significant number of years recording as part of former rap groups, Invasion and X-Caliber, Pro Lyrical has left an unquestionable mark in Hip Hop, especially in his home region of New England.

Leveraging his upbringing in Hip Hop culture, Pro Lyrical has lent his experiences as a rapper to a number of his college lessons as a Professor, as well as to numerous Ted Talks and a myriad of conferences and seminars he heavily wields beneath his belt.

Sometimes I can’t figure out if Pro Lyrical is a rapping Professor first, but he’s surely a professional rapper regardless. His 2016 dissertation entitled “Increasing STEM degree attainment for underrepresented populations” spoke to how Hip Hop could be used to boost student participation across a variety of academic disciplines. His accolades as a scholar can only be matched by his accomplishments as an Independent Underground Hip Hop veteran.

Yet, it was a shock when his most recent creative effort, a music single entitled “House of Lies” popped up on my Spotify Release Radar. It wasn’t a throw that Pro Lyrical would release a new song, because he has almost 100 tracks in his impressive discography. This, however, was a different kind of song — it was about a relationship (gone bitter.)

Really? Oh, do tell Dr. Plourde!

Pro Lyrical — House of Lies (Single)

Producer, The Legion, holds no punches on this soulful bluesy hip-hop score — something a bit different than Pro Lyrical’s usual drum heavy traditional boom-bap sound. The beat for House of Lies…



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